1.    Our Aims    To support and raise awareness of Reveley Lodge House and Garden, developing a volunteer base with a wide range of skills to ensure the long-term sustainability of Reveley Lodge by increasing community involvement.

We will work to:

  1. help maintain the existence of Reveley Lodge for current and future generations
  2. open the garden to all in the community to use be that free or at fee paying events
  3. encourage more people, from all sections of the community, to use the site and to enjoy its full potential, and promote an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and respect
  4. encourage users, including ourselves, to organise public social activities in the site
  5. support community-based events and educational services
  6. support special projects with financial funds and volunteer resources to include but not be limited to:
    • restore artifacts and furniture within the house and gardens or specific facilities within the site
    • renovate the lodge where required
    • maintain and make improvements to the facilities of the house and gardens
  7. Develop relevant and beneficial partnerships with the Council and other bodies to include but not be limited to:
    • helping to protect and improve green open spaces generally
    • preservation of historical artifacts
    • educational support and development for the local community
  8. Help to raise funds and work to support Reveley Lodge Trust

2.    Membership    Membership will be open to anybody with an interest in using Reveley Lodge House and Gardens, regardless of class, race, culture, gender, age or sexual orientation, as long as:

  1. they agree with the aims of the Reveley Lodge Trust
  2. they have given their name and [email] address to be put on to the membership list
  3. have paid in full one of the memberships joining fees as listed below. A number of classes of membership will always be made available at rates set by the Elected Officers, which may be varied at their discretion on an annual basis.
  • Single
  • Joint  
  • Corporate
  • Schools
  • Lifetime single 
  • Lifetime joint

Members will receive information on how to become active in the Friends’ activities and join any working groups. 

Benefits of membership will include but not be limited to:

  • Annual Friends exclusive event
  • After a year of membership, 20% discount on private hire of Reveley (conditions apply)
  • Priority booking on special Reveley events
  • Periodic electronic newsletter, at least twice per year, but quarterly being optimal to draw attention to events that are up coming, and to update Friends on the Trusts activities and achievements

The group supports equality and inclusivity, and is opposed to racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination. Expressions of such prejudice will be challenged at meetings or other activities of the Association.

  •  Annual General Meeting   Every year there will be an Annual General Meeting.  At this meeting the members will:
  • Hear and discuss a report from the elected officers and reps on the activities of the Friends for the previous year.
  • Hear and discuss a report on the group’s finances, prepared by the Treasurer. 
  • Decide whether to amend the membership subscription for the forthcoming year.
  • Identify and discuss matters of particular importance for the forthcoming year.
  • Make rules on the way the Friends group will operate e.g. by amending the Constitution.
  • Elect 3 members to be Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Review and approve any change to signatories made since the last AGM.
  • Conduct any other relevant business the meeting so decides.

Everybody on the membership list will receive at least 14 days notice of the Annual General Meeting by a mailing to the [email] addresses on the membership list and by putting up notices around the site.  AGMs should be held so they can attend in person. Only in situations where this is not possible, (such as during a global pandemic), should meetings be organised to be held remotely by digital means.

Provision will be made for members to vote on resolutions by email in advance.

4.    Other General Meetings for members will be organised and minuted during the year. These meetings will be publicised in good time to members and users. Frequency of such meetings should be on a need basis and as determined by the Friends themselves. At these meetings officers and members of working groups will:

  • Keep members up to date with, and discuss, plans and decisions affecting the site
  • Collect the views of members and other users of the house and garden

In addition to the above, members (10 or more) have the right to compel the officers to call an Extraordinary General Meeting on a specific subject.

  •  Procedure at All General Meetings, the General Meetings will not be the decision-making body of the

group but is there for sharing information and gaining input for the group’s activities.

The three elected members that fulfil the Office of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will have a right to vote together with the nominated Trustee of RLT who has the responsibility of liaison with the Friends. This has been decided in order that the Trust and Friends of Reveley can be run in a fully synchronised manner. It will be the responsibility of the nominated Trustee to keep the Friends updated on the Trusts strategic objectives of Reveley Lodge Trust and the Trusts’ activities and likewise the Trustees updated on the activities of the Friends.

Decisions shall be by consensus where possible, or by a simple majority vote where necessary – except for amendments to the Constitution which require a two-thirds majority at the AGM. A quorum shall be one of the elected officers and the nominated trustee.  If there isn’t a quorum, any decisions made regarding policy must be ratified at the following meeting. General Meetings may decide to set up working groups, or to delegate any relevant tasks to individual members.

The term of elected roles should be 3 years. There should be provision made for handover and continuity at the end of terms of office, and the induction of newly appointed Officers.

6.    The work of the Friends Members will be encouraged to become involved & to support the work & ambitions of the Friends. Anyone acting on behalf of the Friends will be expected to act in an appropriate manner and to follow the general polices of RLT.

Working groups and officers can meet in between the general meetings in order to manage the affairs of the Friends including:

  • planning general meetings of the group and other activities
  • working on funding bids
  • managing Friends’ projects
  • passing on the views of members to people responsible for the site such as employees and other interested bodies with the RLT.
  • meeting with other community groups
  • managing the finances and publicity of the group

Officers and working groups are accountable to members through the General Meetings.

7.   Finances    A bank account will be set up in the name of the Friends of Reveley Lodge.  All money received in the form of donations, grants, subscriptions or any other contributions will be put into the bank account and will only be used to further the aims of the group.  The Treasurer or Secretary and nominated Trustee will be signatories.

The Treasurer and one other of the signatories will be required to sign for all transactions.

Expenses can be claimed for equipment, resources and services required for the group’s activities. All expenses must be approved by at least two of the elected officers prior to being made. Approved expenses will then be reimbursed on the production of receipts or invoices. For larger expenditures, those over £750.00 (which may be varied by the elected members if agreed at the AGM), three competitive quotations for goods or services will need to be presented to the elected officers for their selection of supplier and approval of the expense.

The annual accounts shall be independently verified, and the books shall be made available for inspection on request at the AGM.

At no time should any funds be used for personal gain of the elected officers or members. Any conflicts of interest should be declared as soon as they are known the elected officers.

8.    Powers    the Friends of Reveley Lodge has the power to raise funds and not to borrow funds and to enter into any transactions necessary to further its aims.

9.    Dissolution    If a GeneralMeeting, or 10 members, wish at any time to dissolve the Friends ofReveley Lodge, they should give to all members at least 14 days notice of a Special General Meeting to discuss this exclusive matter. If such a decision is agreed at that meeting by a simple majority of those members present and voting, the assets will be disposed of to RLT firstly, or to another voluntary organisation with compatible aims and principles should this not be possible, this group being agreed at the same meeting.

This Constitution was agreed at the Friends of Reveley Lodge founding meeting / AGM on …………… [Date].

Signed ……………….……….……  (Secretary)         ……………………  (Chair)


i) 7th May, 2021

Membership fees at set up:

  • Single (£20.00)
  • Joint  (£30.00)
  • Corporate (£100.00)
  • Schools (£100.00)
  • Lifetime single  (£250.00)
  • Lifetime joint (£400.00)